Beach Hotel Gigs


THU 1ST Sarah Grant Band 7:30pm

SAT 10TH EB Fundraiser featuring The Screamin' Eagles 5pm

TUE 20TH Haylee Coulter 8pm

MON 26TH Alisha Todd 5pm

THU 1Tropicale Trio 5pm / Sarah Grant Band 7:30pm
FRI 2Bluesfest Busking Competition Showcase 12:30pm / Skyeater Solo 5:30pm / Rouge Elements 8pm
SAT 3Blexus 1pm / Micka Scene Duo 3:30pm / Ben Swissa Trio 7pm / The Hussy Hicks 8:30pm
SUN 4Tim Stokes 1pm / Mardy Wilson 3:30pm / Kaite Who 4:30pm / Felipe Baldomir 5:30pm / Ben Jansz Duo 7pm
MON 5Hayley Grace 5pm / Nathan Kaye Duo 7:30pm
TUE 6Kent Eastwood 5pm / Fernando Aragones 7:30pm
WED 7Adam Brown 5pm / Ben Walsh Duo 7:30pm
THU 8Ben Whiting 5pm / Jason Delphin 7:30pm
FRI 9Ole Falco 3pm / Jack Milligan 6pm / Felicity Lawless & Paul George 9pm
SAT 10Josh Lee Hamilton 1pm / EB Fundraiser featuring The Screamin' Eagles 5pm
SUN 11Matty Rogers 1pm / Ragga Jump 5pm / Ben Walsh 8:30pm / Wolfmother 9:30pm
MON 12Richie Williams 5pm / Bill Jacobi 8pm
TUE 13Alisha Todd 5pm / Jason Delphin 8pm
WED 14Leigh James 5pm / Sarah Grant 8pm
THU 15Two Moons 5pm / Micka Scene Duo 8pm
FRI 16Jesse Witney 3pm / Will Henderson Duo 6pm / Skyeater 9pm / Kimmy & Crew 10:20pm
SAT 17Mighty Max Fog 1pm / Sunday Lemonade 4pm / Hayley Grace and The Bay Trio 6:30pm / Harvey Sutherland & Jono Ma, DJ Set 8pm
SUN 18Donny Shades 1pm / Jerome Williams Band 5pm / Mosese Parker Trio 9pm
MON 19Luke Yeaman 5pm / Hayley Grace 8pm
TUE 20Alex Tilley 5pm / Haylee Coulter 8pm
WED 21Zahlu 5pm / Jock Barnes 8pm
THU 22Jasper O'Malley Duo 5pm / Tim Stokes Duo 8pm
FRI 23Ben Whiting 3pm / Jesse Morris Duo 6pm / 420 Sound Band 9pm
SAT 24Bluebone 1pm / Fizz Launch 4pm
SUN 25TBC 1pm /Sarah Grant Band 5pm / Joe Conroy Band 9:30pm / Wharves 10:30pm
MON 26Alisha Todd 5pm / Jon Crosbie 8pm
TUE 27Phil Howell 5pm / Joe Conroy 8pm
WED 28Steve Tyson 5pm / Jason Delphin 8pm
THU 29John Fog Duo 5pm / Harry Nichols Duo 8pm
FRI 30Jesse Morris Solo 3pm / Jerome Williams 6pm / Nathan Kaye Duo 9pm / Delta Riggs 10:45pm